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Currently, the LBSim software is designed for 2D and 3D. For 2D cases, you can define the simulation geometry through the use of PNG files (a type of image file, that can be generated by other programs, like GIMP). In this file, each pixel will be considered as a cell in the simulation domain.

A set of defined colors was defined in order to represent the different types of cell that are supported. The table presented below associates each color with the type of cell considered by the developed program.

Color RGB Code Cell Type
white FFFFFF fluid
red FF0000 inlet
black 000000 outlet
gray 808080 wall (bounce-back)
blue 0000FF moving wall (lid driven cavity)
green 00FF00 empty cell (no processing)

After the simulation geometry is defined through the use of a PNG file, you can load it in the program using the menu option File => Load. At the File menu, there are another commands to deal with the simulation files.

The LBSim can save and load a complete simulation (with the data about geometry, parameters, visualization options and so on) that is storaged as a file with the lb extension. You can do that using the menu options File => Load All and File => Save All. A XML model is used to define a simulation completely. The option File => Reload All will reload the last loaded simulation file. Finally, the last option in the File menu is Save Image, which allow to user save the current visualization using the PNG format.

For 3D simulations, you will need a series of PNG files, whose names must have the following pattern: <filename>_<n>.png, where n is a sequence. The name of the first file must be <filename>.png.

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